Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Lord of the Rings: Home of Middle Earth Presentation Pack

The landscapes of Middle-earth were forged in the imagination of the author JRR Tolkien from places he had visited and the mythical lands he had encountered during his studies of ancient texts.His detailed descriptions of this land enabled the reader to imagine them within their mind in great detail. Since New Zealand Director Peter Jackson released the first part of his epic Lord of The Ring trilogy all these thoughts have become three-dimensional, and the country of New Zealand, where all the filming was undertaken, has been transformed into Middle Earth. Although the sets have gone, Middle-Earth remains, as it always has in a small and rich country in the Southern Hemisphere. We call it New Zealand-Home of Middle-Earth and all you need is your imagination.
This Lord of The Ring Stamps pack comes complete with a gummed first day cover, souvenir miniature sheet and self-adhesive stamp booklet complimented with interesting information about each stamp. It's one of my favorite presentation packs, although its really hard to pick from them all.

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